Monday, September 24, 2012


ITS all about Gangnam Style 
no need for SWAG
By this time we must all know the fames K-POP singer PSY thanks to his song Gangnam Style it has brought lots of people together. I'm not going to lie I have tried to do the dance in my room and I'm going to say that its not that easy :)
Psy is know a top sensation here in America people all over the world have tried to do the dance and had made videos 
This song is mostly trying to say that during the day people in Korea are hard workers but ones the night comes its time to party ^_^ 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


its clubbing time so get out and have some fun.It may be HOT but dancing IS the only way to cool down. 

Saturday Night

The week is here so what are you going to do? There is only one thing that you can do  and that is having fun
So take off the working clothe and put on some dancing clothe on and get ready to 
put your HANDS UP !!!!!!!


         Cuz I'm so hot.....    

if your living  in the U.S you know that the weather is pretty hot. As girls we like looking good in this HOT weather even if people think its wrong. 

looking HOT there nothing wrong with that.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


DON'T CRY...............
breakups, lost, or any thing that makes you feel sad don't let it get to you because sometimes it not worth it .there is always a reason for why it happen so just let it be 
A day may come when all that sadness becomes happens so when that happens remember that the last tear was your good luck. 
watch this music video by park bom that well help you under stand that sometimes it is a good idea to forgive the ones that made you fell like that. just know that you don't always need there forgiveness its yours that counts more .


We all have that one day that we fell like having a drink so that you can forget about what has happen.
 If you do have that dink just go for it don't think back to what brought you there. just know that you have friend that will help you. 
However sometimes it is a good idea that you think back to what happen. Not just for the bad memories but of the good ones to.
This song by HaHa called Hangover is good so just let every thing come out don't let set inside of you because that can sometimes be bad for you. :(
Think positive and always stay positive :D

Friday, August 3, 2012

song for this HOT year

We know that today weather is very hot, this is why i think that this song HOT SUMMER by f(x) is a good example about how we must be felling and that this weather is not going to stop us from having fun.
this hot summer can be very fun if you go out with friends  

Know that you know that it is hot do you want to go out with friends, or love ones to a nice vacation this is a good to take with you it is call LOVING U by Sistar. This music video is fun and refreshing. so go to find the one that you will start liking :)